The Best Reasons to Teach English

Get certified with the best university and publishing house in the country!

To pass on knowledge and methodologies to EFL teachers so that their students receive ludic and gamified classes that promote a dynamic interaction.

Every stretegy is based on ICT resources and practices wich have been taught and tested by various educators, philosophers, thinkers and experts.

Reasons to teach how to speak fluently

  • Ways of structuring a conversation (Module 1)

Speaking part 1 – PET asynchronous

  • Strategies used in turn-taking (Module 2)

Speaking part 2 – PET asynchronous

  • Speaking pair/ group activities for beginners (Module 3)

Speaking part 3 – PET asynchronous

  • Speaking pair/ group activities for intermediate/ advanced students (Module 4)

Speaking part 4 – PET asynchronous

Why you need to teach correct writing

  • Pre-writing (Module 1)
  • Organizing (Module 2)
  • Writing (Module 3)
  • Text types (Module 4)
  • Asynchronous activities based on Writing- part 1 and 2 PET exam.

Help your students understand what they read and how to use english

  • Using graphic organizers (Module 1)- Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Recognizing text structures (Module 2)
  • Developing strategies (Module 3)
  • PET Exam preparation (Module 4)

Recognize your students ability to follow a conversation

  • Preparation and planning (Module 1)

PET Listening part 1 – asynchronous

  • Pre-listening skills and activities (Module 2)

PET Listening part 2 – asynchronous

  • Whilel- listening skills (Module 3)

PET Listening part 3 – asynchronous

  • Post-Listening skills and activities (Module 4)

PET Listening part 4 – asynchronous

Academic Profile

Our academic Team, in addition to sharing the vocation for training and teaching English as a foreing language, has a profile of excellence that will provide teachers with a broad overview of methodologies applicable to the entire community inside and outside the classroom.